The women’s session has been lead by Alawiyya Um Ammar for the past 18 years. This session is a pure Quran session that involves  reading and explaining the Quran according to the Ahlul Beyt (sa) school of thought. In the first half of the session, Alawiyya Um Ammar teaches the correct pronunciation of the Arabic words, in accordance with the harakat and the various tajweed rules. After reading one page of the Quran by every participant out loud, Alawiyya Um Ammar takes on the theological and historical form of every aya and explains, according to Ahlul Beyt (sa) school of thought, what Allah (swt) is telling us. The session also includes questions and answers.

The ladies  meet every Tuesday , staring at 11:00 am, and prayer time is joined in Jamaa’ lead by Alawiyya Um Ammar. It is an open session for any lady who would like to join at any time. The ladies also participate in a Khatm of the Quran, which is dedicated every week to one of the ladies. This cycle goes throughout the year, interrupted only by Eid Celebration or religious events. It is a wonderful social  circle of women with Muslim faith coming from different ethnic  backgrounds, following different schools of Islam,  who meet to commemorate the remembrance of Allah (swt) every week, in order to learn about their religion and it’s purpose. The meeting concludes around around 3:00 pm  with a potluck luncheon for everyone.